April 30, 2024

How to Write an Epic Best Man Speech They'll Never Forget

This guide will walk you through the steps of writing the perfect Best Man speech, from preparing to delivering it.

How to Write an Epic Best Man Speech They'll Never Forget


Being chosen as the best man is a huge honour.  It speaks volumes about your bond with the groom and the trust he places in you. Now, amongst all the other responsibilities, comes the highlight – the best man speech.  It's a chance to share some laughs, express your heartfelt wishes for the couple, and make it a night to remember.

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Ready to tackle it yourself? Let's dive into how to write a best man speech that perfectly blends humour, sentiment, and your own special touch.

Step 1: Laying the foundations

A memorable speech begins with solid groundwork. Ideally, follow these steps to set the stage for an unforgettable address, but don't despair if you're short on time!

Dive into the Couple's World:  Spend quality time with the bride and groom, if possible. This will provide valuable insights and help you personalise your speech even further.

Start the Clock (As Early as Possible):  Give yourself at least a few weeks to write, revise, and rehearse your speech. This provides time for ideas to percolate and ensures a polished delivery.

But Life Happens: Starting late? Don't panic! You can still craft a fantastic speech. Focus on the key elements and draw upon your most memorable experiences with the groom.

Brainstorming Power:  Stuck for memorable ideas? Set aside 10 minutes for a rapid-fire brainstorming session. Grab a notepad or use your phone, and jot down a few answers to the following questions, focusing on quality of ideas (rather than writing quality at this stage):

  • How you met the groom and a favourite memory.
  • The groom's best qualities and a time they shone through.
  • A hilarious moment that captures the groom's personality.
  • Why the couple are a perfect match.
  • His partner's best qualities and positive influence on the groom
  • A story showing the couple's love, strength or connection.

Choose Your Gems: Review your lists and highlight the most impactful anecdotes or observations. These will form the building blocks of your speech. Remember, a well-crafted 5-minute speech is ample, so always aim for quality over quantity in the idea department.

Outline Your Thoughts: Create a list of these key points to structure your speech, ensuring you don't forget anything important.

Step 2: Crafting an Epic Best Man Speech

Now, let's turn those ideas into a speech that perfectly showcases you, your bond with the groom, and celebrates his big day.  Here's how to ensure it hits all the right notes:

Build a Winning Structure

  • Intro That Grabs 'Em: While some situations call for a traditional start, don't be afraid to ditch the formalities and grab their attention with a funny anecdote, quote, or raise a glass to the happy couple. (Example: "Raise your glasses for Jack and Sarah! Finally, an excuse to put on a suit that doesn't involve court.")
  • Heartfelt Highlights: Share a few stories that reveal the groom's best qualities, hilarious moments, or the positive impact his partner has on him. Keep it short, sweet, and focused on him!
  • Praise the Partner: Briefly acknowledge the bride (or partner). Talk about her best qualities, why she's perfect for the groom, and welcome her into the fold.
  • The Grand Finale: Bring it home with a sincere toast wishing the couple all the best. (Example: "To Jack and Sarah – may your love be as strong as Jack's obsession with footy and as enduring as Sarah's patience for it.")

Make it Personal

  • Spotlight on the Groom: This speech is his moment to shine! Use your anecdotes to highlight his best qualities, funniest quirks, and the amazing journey that led him to his partner.
  • The Power of "We":  Share stories that showcase your bond with the groom.  Did you get into mischief together?  Has he always been there for you? These shared experiences demonstrate the depth of your friendship. Be sure to emphasise 'he' and 'we', not 'me'.
  • Inside Jokes? Tread Carefully:  A well-placed inside joke can be hilarious… IF most guests get it.  Otherwise, use them sparingly or explain enough to let everyone in on the fun.

Balance Humour with Respect

  • Handle with Care:  Humour is a key element of any best man speech, but it should be handled with care. The best laughs come from a place of affection, not embarrassment. Know your audience and keep any teasing light and affectionate. And if in doubt, leave it out.
  • Off-Limit Topics:  Avoid anything that could genuinely hurt feelings (exes, sensitive personal struggles). You're there to celebrate their love, not cause drama.
  • Funny Doesn't Have to be Cheesy:  Humour comes in many forms. Setting a funny scene or using witty observations can be more memorable than recycled jokes from the internet.

Speak from the Heart

  • Honesty is Heartwarming: Even a simple sentence expressing how much the groom means to you, or a moment when you knew his partner was "the one", carries surprising emotional power.
  • Self-Deprecation FTW:  Poking fun at yourself shows confidence. Share a blunder you made with the groom or how he helped you out of a jam. It makes him the hero!

Keep it Concise

  • 5-7 Minutes Max: That's the sweet spot to be entertaining without losing the crowd.  Remember, their wedding is a joyful celebration, and you're just one part! Keep your speech tight and impactful so everyone stays engaged!

Step 3: Delivering the Speech with Confidence

Your words are ready, now it's time to nail the delivery! Remember, practice and a few simple techniques will make all the difference. Here's how to own the room and deliver a speech they'll remember:

Prep for Success

  • Practice is King: The best way to build confidence for your big moment is to rehearse! Do it out loud, in front of a mirror, or for a supportive friend.  The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll become with your words and delivery.
  • Content is Confidence: A strong, well-organised speech provides a solid foundation. Knowing you've got great material takes the pressure off and lets you focus on sharing it with the crowd.
  • Manage the Nerves:  Feeling a bit anxious is totally normal!  Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and channel that energy into enthusiasm.  Remember why you're up there – to celebrate your mate and his partner!
  • Your Memory Aid: Decide whether a few notes with keywords or memorising the first and last lines is best for you.  Avoid reading your whole speech word for word.
  • Pace Yourself (With Drinks): It's easy to get caught up in the celebrations. While a little liquid courage can help, don't overdo it! You want to be sharp and present for your speech.

Own the Stage

  • Speak Up, Speak Clearly: Project your voice so everyone in the room can hear you. Enunciate and take your time – don't let nerves make you rush!
  • Get Moving (But Naturally):  Use gestures and move around a bit if it feels natural. It adds energy and keeps things from feeling too stiff.
  • Make Eye Contact: Scan the room and connect with different guests. This creates a sense of genuine connection and keeps everyone engaged.
  • Timing is Key: Time yourself during rehearsals.  This ensures you don't go too long and keeps the focus on the happy couple.
  • Tech Troubleshooter: Have a backup plan! Know who to ask for help if the microphone cuts out .

The Grand Finale

  • Seal it with a Toast: Raise a glass to the newlyweds, offer your heartfelt wishes, and invite everyone to join in the celebration.

Remember, confidence comes with practice! Rehearse in front of a mirror, record yourself, or try it out for a supportive friend.  The more you practice, the easier it'll be to let your personality shine on the big day!

Bonus: Epic Best Man Speech Template

To help you craft a great best man speech, here's a practical template to provide a strong foundation. Use it as a starting point, then weave in your personal anecdotes and heartfelt touches to make it uniquely yours. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to best man speeches, hitting these key points will put you well on your way to delivering a speech that truly stands out.


Warm Introduction:

"Good evening, everyone! I’m [Your Name], and it’s an absolute privilege to be here as [Groom’s Name]'s best man. Looking around at all your smiling faces, I can feel the love in the room.  It's an honor to celebrate this amazing couple and the start of their next chapter."

The Origin Story: How You Met and a Memorable Moment

"My friendship with [Groom's Name] goes back to [briefly state how you met, such as school, work, sports team, or a shared event]. It's been a wild ride, but a favorite memory that really captures our bond is [share a funny, heartwarming, or defining moment from your shared history]."

Highlight the Groom's Character:

"[Groom's Name] is known for his [insert key qualities, such as 'resilience,' 'generosity,' or 'sense of humour'].  I’ve seen these qualities time and time again, but one moment they truly shone through was [describe a specific situation where the groom's best qualities were evident].

A Hilarious Highlight:

"Of course, no story about [Groom's Name] would be complete without a hilarious moment!  One that always stands out is [share a funny, lighthearted story that showcases his personality]."

Why They're a Perfect Match:

"When [Groom's Name] met [Partner's Name], it was clear they were a perfect match. They share [mention a common value, interest, or way of looking at the world]. Perhaps even more importantly, they bring out the best in each other."

Partner's Best Qualities and Positive Influence:

"[Partner's Name], you bring so many incredible qualities to this partnership. Your [mention specific qualities, such as 'patience,' 'intellectual curiosity,' or 'unwavering support'] has made [Groom's Name] a better man. Seeing how you [describe a specific positive influence they've had on the groom] has been truly inspiring."

Their Love and Strength:

"The connection between [Groom's Name] and [Partner's Name] is undeniable.  One moment that really highlights the strength of their love is [share a story demonstrating their love, support for each other, or how they overcome challenges together]."

A Note on Personalisation:

Remember, this is a template, not a script! Inject your unique voice, humour, and heartfelt sentiments throughout to make it truly yours.


A great best man speech is more than just words – it's a gift. With a bit of preparation, thoughtful writing, and genuine sincerity, you'll deliver a speech that fills the room with laughter, maybe a few happy tears, and, most importantly, love for the happy couple.  This is your chance to show your mate how much he means to you and celebrate the incredible journey he and his partner are starting. Embrace your unique perspective and let your heart guide your words.

Need some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing?  Wordwell, our world-class speechwriting tool, can help. It's 100% free and makes it easy to craft a speech that perfectly reflects your bond with the groom and honors this special occasion.