Write Authentic, Heartfelt Wedding Vows

Craft personalised wedding vows that reflect your one-of-a-kind love. Our intuitive platform guides you to find the perfect words.

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How To Write Your Wedding Vows


First, find your focus

Let's dive into crafting your vows! Put aside any fear of the blank page. Wordwell helps you get started with thoughtful questions about your partner, your relationship, and the overall feeling you want to convey in your vows.

Vow step 1, find your focus
Vows step 2, reflect and remember

Next, reflect and remember

Our carefully designed prompts help you find the words to express your love story. We'll guide you to recall special moments - the sweet, the funny, and those that define your unique bond.


Lastly, refine and personalise

With a click, generate your first draft! Then, transform it into a masterpiece using Wordwell's editing tools.  Give feedback for an instant AI re-write or make your own revisions. Once you're happy, download your heartfelt vows with ease.

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How Wordwell Helps You

  • Find the Perfect Start: Open with a quote, a sweet memory, or something funny that sets the tone.
  • Tell Your Story: We'll guide you to the moments that highlight your love and make it special.
  • Be Yourself: Find words that sound like you and express your feelings honestly.
  • Strike a Balance: Mix heartfelt moments with lighter touches that make everyone smile.
  • Promise a Bright Future: Seal your vows with optimism and excitement for what's to come.
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Why You'll Love Us (Too)


“Honestly, I was dreading writing my vows. But Wordwell's questions got me going, and suddenly the words flowed! I ended up with heartfelt vows that were perfectly me and perfectly us.”

Sarah K.

“How do you put everything you feel about your wife-to-be into words? Wordwell helped me dig deep and find the right way to say it all. It helped me express things I never even thought I could put into words, and it made them sound so natural. When I read them to Steph at the ceremony, her eyes welled up, and I knew I'd nailed it.”

Ben M.

“I was a mess of emotions – so excited, nervous, and bursting with love.  Wordwell gave me a way to work through it all, finding the perfect words to express our silly inside jokes and those deeply personal moments. When I read my vows, everything else melted away. It was just about us, and that's what made our wedding day so special.”

Bec C.

Have More Questions?

I'm terrified of writing my vows! Any advice?

That's totally normal! Wordwell is here to guide you. We'll break the process down into smaller steps and provide inspiration to get those words flowing.

How do I make my vows sound unique and personal?

The key is focusing on your own love story! We'll help you pinpoint those special details, moments, and inside jokes that make your relationship one-of-a-kind.

How long should my vows be?

1-2 minutes is the sweet spot – enough time to say what matters, but not too long. Of course, chat with your partner to make sure you're both on the same page!

Should I include humour in my vows?

It depends on your style! A touch of humour can be endearing, but the focus should be on sincere expressions of love and commitment.

Can I really use Wordwell for free?

Absolutely!  We believe everyone deserves to express their love without barriers and we're proud to offer our service free-of-charge.