April 27, 2024

Maid of Honour Speech Guide: Write a Speech Your BFF Will Love

Learn how to craft a touching and lively speech for your best friend's special occasion with these six essential steps.

Maid of Honour Speech Guide: Write a Speech Your BFF Will Love


Crafting an incredible maid of honour speech for your best friend is a special task. It's an opportunity to express your love and friendship while highlighting her journey into this new phase of life. If the thought of it feels a bit daunting, don’t worry. Here are six key tips that will guide you in writing an unforgettable maid of honour speech.

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1. Begin with a Warm Welcome

A good speech starts with a compelling introduction. When it comes to your maid of honour speech, a heartfelt, engaging welcome will set the tone and draw in your audience right from the start.

Why it's important: The start of your speech is crucial. It's your chance to capture the audience's attention and prepare them for the tales, laughter, and emotions to follow. An appealing introduction can make the audience more receptive and eager to hear your words.

How to do it: Begin with a warm greeting to everyone present, express your gratitude to the couple for the honour of being the maid of honour, and extend a special acknowledgment to both families. Keep it light, cheerful, and inclusive.


  1. "Good evening, everyone. I stand here, deeply honoured and slightly nervous, to be Lisa's maid of honour. I'm Jane, Lisa's co-adventurer and accomplice in all things fun and slightly crazy. I want to thank Lisa and Mark for letting me play a part in their special day, and to their wonderful families, who have made me feel like one of their own."
  2. "Hello, everyone. I'm Jane, the fortunate one who gets to wear the 'maid of honour' title today, all thanks to my dear friend Lisa. As we gather to celebrate Lisa and Mark's love story, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to them for letting me stand by their side on this beautiful journey. And a special thank you to both their families, who have warmly welcomed me into their celebrations."

2. Share Your Connection

After your introduction, it's time to delve deeper into your bond with the bride. This section should illuminate your connection, bringing her personality and your relationship's uniqueness to light.

Why it's important: Sharing your connection with the bride allows the audience to see her through your eyes. It gives depth to your maid of honour speech and highlights the special bond you share, adding layers to the bride's personality that guests may not know.

How to do it: Speak about your shared experiences, the traits you admire in the bride, and what makes your friendship special. Keep the stories light, engaging, and relatable, making sure to highlight the bride's virtues.


  1. "In our journey from high school to the present day, I've come to know Lisa as more than a friend. She's the Thelma to my Louise, the one who'd share a laugh at the most serious moments, and the one who'd offer a shoulder to cry on during the hardest times. Lisa's compassion, her unwavering optimism, and her ability to turn even mundane moments into adventures are what make our friendship extraordinary."
  2. "Living with Lisa during our college days, I got to see up-close the wonderful person she truly is. Always ready to lend an ear, quick with a comforting word, Lisa was everyone's go-to person in our dorm. I've seen her stay up late not just to finish her own assignments but to help others with theirs. It was then I realised I was witnessing something rare - a friendship rooted in genuine care and empathy, making me cherish our bond even more."

3. Highlight Her Unique Qualities

Now that you've established your close bond with the bride, it's time to put the spotlight on her. Shed light on the qualities that make your best friend unique, special, and loved by those around her.

Why it's important: This section offers the guests a more intimate perspective on the bride's character, shared by someone who knows her closely. It enriches their understanding of who she is as a person and why you cherish your friendship with her.

How to do it: Reflect on your years of friendship and the experiences you've shared. Identify personal anecdotes that highlight her attributes - her strength, kindness, sense of humour, or resilience. Choose moments that have left an impression on you or have had a significant impact on your life.


  1. "Throughout our friendship, one thing about Lisa has always stood out to me - her unyielding spirit. I remember when she had the audacious idea to start her own business. Despite the challenges and the steep learning curve, she held her ground, worked tirelessly, and today, she stands as a successful entrepreneur. Her determination has always been an inspiration to me."
  2. "Lisa's sense of humour is another one of her priceless traits. It's this sharp, infectious laughter that's been our anchor in stormy times. I recall one particularly tough semester in college when we were buried under assignments and deadlines. The stress was unbearable. But there she was, cracking jokes and laughing in the face of pressure. Her humour made that challenging time bearable, and it's one of the countless reasons why she is the best friend one could ask for."

Remember, this isn't just about praising your friend; it's about offering a heartfelt tribute to the woman she has become. It's about appreciating her growth, her journey, and the person she is today.

Step 4: Share Insights on Their Relationship

As you transition from highlighting your best friend's qualities, it's time to focus on the beautiful bond that the bride and groom share. Your unique perspective as a close friend can give everyone a touching glimpse into their relationship.

Why it's important: Your insights can highlight the depth of love and understanding between the bride and groom. It helps to reaffirm why they are standing together on this momentous day, ready to embark on a lifelong journey.

How to do it: Reflect on the evolution of their relationship. Recall when you first noticed the spark between them, the ways they've grown together, or how your friend has blossomed since they've been a couple. Remember, the aim is to celebrate their love story, not to share overly private details.


  1. "The moment Lisa introduced me to Mark, I saw a different side of her - a side that was brimming with joy and radiance. The connection between them was evident from the get-go, and as I watched their bond deepen over time, I knew this was more than a fleeting romance. Lisa and Mark share a love that is real, profound, and inspiring."
  2. "The respect and adoration they have for each other are palpable. I've seen them navigate life's highs and lows together, always supportive, always understanding. Seeing them together gives me, and I'm sure all of us, a renewed faith in love and companionship."

Step 5: Share Your Happiness for Their Union

At this juncture, it's time to delve into why the couple's union fills you with joy.  Reflect on their impending life together, their shared values, and the positive influence they have on each other.

Why it's important: Expressing your joy for their marriage personalises your maid of honour speech and spreads infectious excitement among the guests. It's the cherry on top that solidifies your deep friendship with the bride and celebrates their promising future.

How to do it: Visualise their day-to-day life as a married couple, considering the values they prioritise in their partnership. Share why you're thrilled that your best friend has found her life partner, and articulate how their life is set to improve through their union.


  1. "When I picture Lisa and Mark's life together, I see a mosaic of small, beautiful moments. From sipping coffee together in the mornings to walking their dog in the evenings, their shared life is a testament to their love. They value companionship, laughter, and mutual support, and I know they will strive every day to nurture these elements in their marriage."
  2. "Mark has chosen an incredible woman to be his life partner. Lisa's resilience, her unwavering kindness, and her infectious laughter will only enrich Mark's life. I have witnessed her profound impact on him, turning him into a more patient, compassionate, and joyful man."

Step 6: Conclude with Warm Wishes and a Toast

Finally, it's time to wrap up your heartfelt tribute by raising a toast to the newlyweds. Conclude your maid of honour speech by wishing them a life filled with love, adventure, and joy that mirrors the depth of your emotions for your best friend's new journey.

Why it's important: The conclusion of your speech is your chance to leave the couple with a sense of excitement for their future and a warm memory of your words. Your well-wishes reflect the shared joy among the guests and anchor your speech on a positive note.

How to do it: Speak from the heart. Your wishes should encapsulate the couple's dreams, the lessons from their journey together, and the shared aspirations for their future.


"So, here's to Lisa and Mark, a couple whose love is as diverse and exciting as the ice cream flavours they've tasted. May your life be a sweet blend of love, joy, and endless adventures. As we raise our glasses, let's toast to a love that is as endearing as your shared quirks and as enduring as our collective goodwill for you."

"Let us all raise a toast to a future brimming with love, respect, and boundless joy for Lisa and Mark. Here's to a life that is as radiant as their smiles today, as fulfilling as their dreams, and as enduring as our shared joy in their happiness."

Remember, sincerity trumps all. When you speak from the heart, your words will resonate with the couple and the guests, making your maid of honour speech a memorable part of the wedding festivities.


In conclusion, writing a maid of honour speech can be a joyous journey. It's your heartfelt tribute to your best friend, your walk down memory lane, and your chance to stand with her as she steps into a new chapter of life.

These six steps offer you a roadmap to create a speech that's engaging, heartfelt, and memorable. Whether it's expressing your bond, sharing humorous anecdotes, or voicing your deep happiness for her future, every element adds to the unique narrative of your speech.

Remember, while it's essential to keep these tips in mind, there are no hard and fast rules. The best speech is one that reflects your genuine feelings, your relationship with the bride, and your wishes for her future. When you write from the heart, your words will have the power to touch hearts, evoke laughter, and create a special moment for your best friend on her big day.

Now, get ready to raise a toast to friendship, love, and new beginnings. Happy writing!

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